Institute for Christian-Muslim Understanding

Building Bridges of Understanding

The Mission of ICMU

Founded in 2003, the Institute for Christian-Muslim Understanding (ICMU) seeks to encourage appreciation of and respect for Muslim and Christian religious traditions on their own terms without polemics and proselytism.

The Institute seeks to promote mutual understanding and open, nurturing relationships between these two religious communities. The Institute is committed to truth, justice, and peace at local, national and international levels.

Through community, academic and intercultural initiatives, ICMU seeks to focus on both the dimensions of these faiths and the challenges of living them.

In order to accomplish the mission, ICMU will foster both educational and cultural interaction; such interaction would help eliminate negative stereotypes and prejudices that may be in existence in both communities.

“As believers we all have an opportunity and moral obligation to recognize our spiritual common ground;
to rise above our differences; to combat prejudice and intolerance.”
Queen Noor of Jordan