Past Events

“The Importance of Understanding Each Other”
Dr. Nohad Toulan & Dr. David McCreery

“What Every Christian Should Know About Islam”
Dr. David A. Kerr

“Holy Places: Christian and Muslim Perspectives”
Sr. Cecilia Ranger & Dr. Nohad Toulan

“Jesus and Mary; Christian and Muslim Perspectives”
Aseel Nasir Dyck & Sr. Mollie Reavis

“Rumi” Film and Discussion
Exploring his Life and Poetry

“Reel Bad Arabs” Film and Discussion

“Five Stages of the Soul”
Dr. Harry S. Moody

Dinner/Discussion A Common Word Between Us and You
32 Christian & Muslim community leaders

Weekend Conferences and Workshops
Dr. Amir Hussain & Dr. John Borelli:

The Significance of A Common Word
Muslims and Christians: Anything in Common?
Moving form Common Word to Common Works
Working Together Locally: Building Interfaith Opportunities

ICMU events are opportunities for the general public to learn about and participate in Christian-Muslim relationships on both educational and interpersonal levels. We feel it is vitally important to include small group discussion and a chance to interact with one another on a personal level. Shared food is often a component of our gatherings. Breaking bread together is a bridge to memorable social experiences while learning about the culture and faith traditions of those around us.